Launches in the US April 11th!

Share SELF-BELIEF IS YOUR SUPERPOWER with your community April 11th-April 25th.

Thank you for sharing SELF-BELIEF IS YOUR SUPERPOWER with your community. Together we are supporting women to break free of judgment, ignite self-belief and attract the richness they deserve.

A message from Tory

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Hi, It's Tory!

I want to express my deep gratitude for your willingness to promote my upcoming book, Self-Belief Is Your Superpower. You’ll inspire your audience and support them in changing their lives! 3 years ago I began asking and listening for what women want and need. I wrote this book because I learned that sometimes women feel stuck in life, disconnected, at a career or personal crossroad and they feel unsure about how to trust their own intuition to take their next powerful step forward. I discovered that these women in my community are not alone – this is a struggle for women worldwide – and I’ve made it my mission to support women to break free of judgment, ignite self-belief and attract the richness they deserve.

So let’s teach women to get unstuck, reconnect with themselves and each other, and take their lives to the next level.

As you know, my new book, SELF-BELIEF IS YOUR SUPERPOWER is coming out April 11th!

The MOST helpful things you can do to support this book launch are:

  1. Share on social media (Tag: @PowerfulSteps and #SelfBeliefIsYourSuperpower).
  2. Send an email to your community with your recommendation. Emails are the BEST way to make book recommendations. I would so appreciate an email to anyone who you think would enjoy the book!
  3. Show up on IG live with me during launch week for 10 minutes (email me to coordinate)

My team and I are here to help. 

We have photos, videos, assets, sample emails and social posts. We’ve included some assets below for you, but if there’s anything more you need, just let us know.

much love,Tory x

Order a copy of the book, get $499 in bonus gifts from Tory!

Promote Self-Belief Is Your Superpower to your audience! They get $499 worth of gifts from me with their book purchase including:

  • Access to Tory’s exclusive 1-hour Self-Belief Is Your Superpower LIVE Masterclass training for everyone who purchased the book and entered their information to receive their gifts
  • The #1 tool Tory used to build her business with the greatest speed and success (video training and workbook)
  • Tory’s secret sauce to everyday success, and (video training and workbook)
  • 5 Point Story Framework (and workbook) to help you learn how to get others to connect with you through the power of your story
  • Downloadable mantras to help you keep believing in the power of YOU

Your audience gets these gifts free when they purchase a copy of Self-Belief Is Your Superpower and enter their name and email on the order page so we know where to send their gifts! 

When is the Promotion?

Pre-order period

February 15-April 10, 2023: (this is when you want to begin introducing Tory and her book to your audience. Share that the book is available for pre-order, share stories of your relationship with her, begin hosting Instagram lives, and recording podcast interviews for release during pub week. Note: you can still share the link before in the podcast show notes, on Instagram, etc.) 

Pub Day

April 11, 2023: (this is when you want to send your promotions!) Books begin shipping immediately upon order, all pre-order books ship, and book bonuses are accessible to all book buyers who enter their name, email and book order number on the sales page.

Pub Week

April 11-16, 2023: This is the MOST important promotional period for all authors of newly released books. Please share on social media, email your audience, host an IG live with me, and (if we recorded a podcast together) please plan to share the podcast during this week.

Last Day for LIVE Masterclass bonus

April 24th is the last day for all book buyers to receive access to the LIVE masterclass when they purchase their copy of Self Belief Is Your Superpower. Now is the time to remind your audience that if they want in on this exclusive live masterclass, grab a copy of the book.

Tory’s Masterclass

Tory is doing a live training on April 25th at 1pm Pacific to celebrate all the book buyers. All bonuses will be available for book buyers through April 24th, which gives them a deadline urgency to grab the book and sign up to join me. Now is the time for you to highlight the value of the masterclass.

During this exclusive Masterclass Tory will be teaching all book buyers:

  • How to own your power
  • Anchor your every move to your values, intent and purpose to attract what you deserve in business and life
  • How to connect with the right people to evaluate your network and bring to life your BIG goals and dreams

This Exclusive LIVE Masterclass is her way of saying thank you and providing value to those who are ready to step into their superpower. During this LIVE session we will celebrate our readers and get to work designing your dream life. The book shares the Powerful Steps Tory took to create my dream life, and this masterclass will give you a jumpstart on creating yours! 

What is Powerful Steps?

Powerful Steps is an online platform and community for delivering world class courses, training and support to high achieving women. As CEO of Powerful Steps, Tory’s mission is to share her toolkit with high-octane businesswomen and plot their personal roadmap to success. She reshapes brands, businesses and lives using the proven strategies she has developed over two decades via her signature masterclasses and business programs.

Who is Self Belief Is Your Superpower for?

Self Belief Is Your Superpower is a step-by-step guide with proven principles for success in building entrepreneurial empires. This powerful book for women leaders demonstrates how trusting your intuition and stepping into your power can break you free of judgment, ignite self-belief, and finally attract the richness you deserve! This book will take you from stuck to trusting your intuition, stepping into your power, breaking free of judgment, and igniting your self-belief even if you have no idea where to begin or what your next step is. 

Self Belief Is Your Superpower is …

Empowerment to Find Your True Life Purpose

In this step-by-step guide, Tory Archbold, powerhouse host of the Powerful Stories podcast, shares her proven principles for success in building entrepreneurial empires. This powerful book for women leaders demonstrates how trusting your intuition and stepping into your power can break you free of judgment, ignite self-belief, and finally attract the richness you deserve!

Staggering success starts within. Are you in a career you never wanted? Are you disconnected from yourself? Are you at a crossroads in life and feeling unsure? Self-Belief is Your Superpower is the book for you. Combining entrepreneurial and personal development, spiritual self-help, and self-esteem for women, this book takes a holistic approach to success, ensuring readers emerge as truly powerful women. Books this impactful are hard to come by so grab your copy today!

Changing to thrive—from success to success. Author Tory Archbold is one of the most powerful and connected women in Australia, but she wasn’t always. With hustle, instincts, heart, and kinship, she found her life purpose and success at home and work—and under her guide, you can, too. This guide is filled with helpful and impactful principles for success and balance as you navigate your new journey.
Inside, discover how to:

  • Create a happy heart and attract the life you truly deserve
  • Find your life purpose with these principles for success
  • Use self-belief to break free of judgment and give yourself permission to shine

Sample Marketing Material

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