How to write a book review for

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Here’s how to review Self-Belief Is Your Superpower

Step 1

Go to Amazon

Go to the Amazon book page and scroll down to the reviews section. Click the button that says “Leave a customer review.”

Step 2

Write your honest review

If you’re enjoying Self-Belief Is Your Superpower the best way you can support spreading the word is to write your honest review. Others value your experience when it comes to picking their next book. I am deeply grateful for your trust and support. In your review, consider sharing: 


  • Why would you recommend this book to others?
  • Do you have a favorite quote, story, section or chapter that made things click for you, or impacted you in a profound way?
  • How has this book already helped you make positive changes in your life? 

Step 3

Tell me

Share your review on Facebook or Instagram and tag me @powerfulsteps with the hashtag #SelfBeliefIsYourSuperpower. I would love to personally thank you for your support and learn what you’re LOVING and learning from Self-Belief Is Your Superpower.